Platinum@pioneer (D22), Factory - For Sale

Platinum@pioneer (D22), Factory - For Sale

TUAS B2 Factory
⭐ Cheap cheap cheap SUPER CHEAP (prestige & luxury)
⭐ Spacious four storey terrace factories
⭐ In Principle Approval Factory-Converted Dormitories (FCDs) - 14 pax (Approved)
⭐ Convenient Transportation - by car/company van/lorry crane (well connected to AYE & PIE)
⭐ Public Transport - walking distance 2 to 3 bus ss from Tuas Crescent Station & Tuas West Road
⭐ Wide driveways of up to 12m- easy vehicular access
⭐ Ample common car and LORRY parking lots - just IN FRONT OF individual units
⭐ 300A 3 phase 400v (with additional one 160Amp available for high ampere equipment)
⭐2.5 tonne hoist provided
⭐ 4 Storey Terrace Factory Block (estimated floor to floor height - Floor loading)
-1st Storey (9metres - 20kN/m2) - high floor to floor height up to 9metres, enabling greater operational flexibility
-2nd Storey (6metres - 12.5kN/m2)
-3rd Storey (6metres - 10kN/m2)
-4th Storey (6metres - 7.5kN/m2)
⭐ Future Developments:
- Tuas Mega Port
- Jurong Innovation District
- Jurong Gateway
- High Speed Rail
- Jurong Regional Line

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